El PP gana en la capital soriana con 5.535 votos, mientras que el PSOE cae 12 puntos

The recent European elections in the capital of Soria have resulted in a significant shift in power between the two major political parties compared to five years ago. The Popular Party (PP) has secured 5,535 votes, a remarkable increase of 14 points from the previous 2019 elections. The PP now holds 36.15% of the votes, surpassing the Socialists (PSOE) who have seen a substantial decrease in their lead from the previous European elections.

During this Sunday’s election, the PSOE garnered 4,927 votes (a difference of 600 votes from the PP), representing 32.1% of the total votes. However, they experienced a significant drop of 12.2 points compared to the previous elections. This loss amounts to over 3,200 votes. It is worth noting that in 2019, the PSOE was the leading force in the capital with 8,184 votes, double the amount of the PP’s 4,081 votes. The recent elections have seen a notable advancement for the Popular Party.

A new entrant in these elections is Existe, a coalition of parties representing the depopulated regions of Spain, including Soria ¡Ya!, with Vanessa García from Soria as the fourth candidate. Existe received a total of 1,913 votes, capturing 12.4% of the total votes, although they are far behind the two major parties. Existe is now positioned as the third force in the capital, surpassing Vox in the province.

Vox, with 1,182 votes, accounts for 7.7% of the total votes, marking an increase of 1.4 points. The Electoral Group Se Acabó la Fiesta obtained 486 votes, while Podemos experienced a decrease of 6.5 points, securing 389 votes, representing 2.5% of the total votes. Sumar received 349 votes, equivalent to 2.2% of the total votes. Meanwhile, Ciudadanos only managed to gather 84 votes, a significant drop from the 2,423 votes they received in 2019.