Healthcare Crisis Looming in Andalusia

The Andalusian Medical Union (SMA) issued a warning yesterday about a «catastrophic» summer in Primary Care, while the Interterritorial Council of Health is lost in «empty and electioneering rhetoric» and aims to prevent its collapse with Medical Intern Residents (MIR), which they deemed «ridiculous.»

This union, representing Andalusian physicians, expressed their «astonishment» that the summer plan of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) is still unknown at this point and stated that «relying on MIRs is avoiding the issue.» Furthermore, they do not believe that having 369 Medical Intern Residents, who complete their training in September, will solve the problem.

According to the union, «last summer in Andalusia, the job offers for family doctors who had just finished their specialization were mostly left unfilled, and if specialist doctors rejected these offers when their alternative was unemployment, there is no reason to believe that final-year MIRs will accept them, as the job offers they receive will still be available to them in September.»

«If it is expected that MIRs will help alleviate the lack of doctors this summer, the effort must be financially incentivized, as expecting otherwise is a joke because the solution does not lie with the MIRs,» the union concluded.