The emergency hotline 112 has been busy due to heavy rainfall in Catalonia, receiving 63 calls related to 39 incidents by 6 pm on Monday.

According to a message on ‘X’ reported by Europa Press, the 112 stated that the regions with the highest number of calls were Noguera with 13 calls, Baix Penedès with 9 calls, and Berguedà with 7 calls.

Specifically, the municipalities that made the most calls were Balaguer in Lleida with 11 calls, El Vendrell in Tarragona with 9 calls, and Sagàs in Barcelona with 5 calls.

The heavy rainfall in Catalonia has caused concern among residents, leading them to seek help and assistance through the emergency hotline. The increase in calls reflects the impact of the weather on the region and the need for quick response and support from emergency services.

During such weather conditions, it is essential for residents to stay informed and follow any safety guidelines provided by local authorities. It is also important to report any incidents or emergencies promptly to ensure that the necessary assistance can be provided in a timely manner.

The data provided by the 112 hotline gives insight into the areas most affected by the heavy rainfall, allowing authorities to allocate resources and respond effectively to the needs of the community. By working together and staying vigilant, residents can navigate through challenging weather conditions and ensure their safety and well-being.