John Kelvin Could Return to Prison: «He Would Have Traveled to Argentina Without Judicial Permission»

John Kelvin could return to prison: «He would have traveled to Argentina without judicial permission». (Screenshot: Magaly TV La Firme)

In the recent edition of ‘Magaly TV La Firme’ on June 6, host Magaly Medina commented on the new situation of John Kelvin and his sudden trip to Argentina. According to Dalia Durán, the singer would have traveled without judicial permission. As a reminder, the cumbia singer was previously detained in the San Juan de Lurigancho prison preventively for physical and psychological abuse against the mother of his children. However, he was released after the First Criminal Appeals Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of North Lima accepted his request for the cessation of preventive detention.

Despite his release, Kelvin was required to comply with certain rules of conduct, one of which was not to travel without permission. «He flaunts it through his social networks, as you know, John Kelvin has his mother who lives there (Argentina). But according to our conversation with Dalia Durán, who still has a legal case against him, she tells us that he is not complying with the rules of conduct that a judge gave him,» the journalist initially stated.

«And this could indeed be serious for him, because once he returns to Peruvian soil, he could be put back in a higher-security prison,» Magaly added. In response, Dalia Durán, in a conversation with the ‘urraca’ program, explained that they have reviewed the complete file in court with her lawyer and that Kelvin does not have permission to travel, not even to any province of the country. Furthermore, she points out that he is not authorized to move from the residence he has accredited in court, as he is still in a probationary stage. By not requesting the corresponding permits from the judge, he is violating the established rules, which could seriously jeopardize his freedom.

«We have gone to court in person and have reviewed the entire file where the permits are requested, where he should go to sign and everything. He does not have permission to travel to Argentina then. Not to Argentina nor to any of the provinces he has gone to. To leave the country in general,» the model said indignantly.

«Not only to leave the country, but also to move from the place, from the residence that you have accredited in court when they gave you your freedom. Because he is still in a probationary stage. So he has restrictions that the judge tells him, you cannot move to your place of residence without asking the judge for permission,» Dalia said. On the other hand, the Cuban strongly criticized John Kelvin for this situation: «A person like him is not interested in the rules. Right now what John has done is very serious. If you have your permits and everything, send them to him. It’s so easy. Even if it’s to a province. It takes time, it’s not like you ask for it today and they give it to you today or tomorrow, no. They evaluate you and see if they give it to you or not,» she mentioned.

It is important to remember that the singer had already been imprisoned for a second time for failing to comply with the rules of conduct and the restraining order in favor of Dalia Durán. Now, the Cuban, who has a pending legal case with John Kelvin, asserts that he is once again violating these rules by traveling to Argentina without the necessary permissions.