Kate Winslet and the Delusions of the Far Right | Column

The latest miniseries «The regime» starring Kate Winslet has sparked a conversation about the rise of populism and far-right movements in Europe. The show, which portrays a populist leader in Central Europe being tempted by powerful nations hungry for resources, draws striking parallels to real-life figures like Marine Le Pen and Giorgia Meloni. As Europe heads to the polls for the European elections, the possibility of far-right parties becoming the most voted in countries like France and Italy is a cause for concern.

The growing influence of the far right across Europe raises important questions about the decline of the left and the inability of mainstream parties to address the concerns of citizens. Issues like housing affordability continue to plague countries like Spain, despite promises from conventional parties to address them. The allure of nostalgia, promises of regaining control, and appeals to national identity are driving factors behind the rise of far-right movements.

As we witness the fictional regime in the series resorting to invasion tactics to boost support, it serves as a stark reminder of the authoritarian tendencies present in real-world politics. The delusions depicted in the show may be fictional, but the rise of far-right ideologies is a genuine concern that demands attention and critical analysis.

In a time when the far right is on the rise, it is essential for all citizens to engage in informed discussions and stay vigilant against the erosion of democratic values. Let us not allow history to repeat itself, and let us strive for a future where extremism and authoritarianism have no place in our societies.