La Entrada de Bandas: A Vibrant Start to the Hogueras de San Juan Festivities

Alicante is buzzing with excitement as the Hogueras de San Juan festivities kick off in full swing. The official first parade of the city’s renowned celebrations took place on Saturday, with 89 commissions and their barracas parading through the streets in the Entrada de Bandas, accompanied by lively music.

The belleas del Foc, Alba Muñoz and Martina Lloret, along with their ladies-in-waiting, were the first to grace the streets of Alicante, escorted by the Municipal Symphonic Band. This colorful display marks the beginning of the countdown to the much-anticipated main events of the festivities.

The city is alive with the spirit of tradition and celebration as locals and visitors alike come together to witness the vibrant procession. The Entrada de Bandas sets the stage for a series of events that will showcase the rich cultural heritage and lively atmosphere that define the Hogueras de San Juan festivities.

As the city prepares for the days ahead, anticipation is high for the upcoming events and performances that will captivate audiences and immerse them in the magic of Alicante’s most beloved celebration. Stay tuned for more updates and highlights as the Hogueras de San Juan festivities continue to unfold.

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