Málaga Delegation Attends HOAC General Meeting in Ávila

Four representatives from the Worker Brotherhood of Catholic Action in Málaga participated in the General Meeting of the movement in Ávila, which brought together around a hundred people for listening and dialogue to welcome the incorporation of Christian workers. The participants from Málaga were Jesús Cazorla, Juan Aguilar, and the diocesan president, Francisco Guzmán. They were joined by Juan Díaz, the president of HOAC in Andalucía. Guzmán shared that they have initiated a process of listening and dialogue in HOAC to welcome the incorporation of Christian workers and walk with Jesus Christ in the world of work, especially among those experiencing injustice. The diocese of Málaga, along with other dioceses in the country, has worked on this process using the see, judge, act method of Catholic Action to analyze, discern, and propose new initiatives. Over the weekend, about a hundred people gathered at the Diocesan Seminary of Ávila for a general meeting of extension and initiation, which aligns with the priorities of their last general assembly.

Guzmán emphasized the key points highlighted at the meeting, including caring for spirituality, overcoming discouragement, being bold in evangelization, growing in explicit proclamation and communal witness, persistently sowing and establishing close relationships, seeking new and creative dynamics, collaborating with other groups, planning and offering membership to HOAC, addressing injustices in the world of work, building hope, and raising awareness in the media.

The goal is to continue improving and building that evangelizing and social poetry where there is precariousness, inequality, accidents at work, impoverishment, and the commodification of labor, and the absence of the common good that allows a good life for all workers. The participants also took part in «A Minute for Peace,» an initiative promoted by the International Forum of Catholic Action (FIAC) in which Spanish Catholic Action, both general and specialized branches, is involved. On Saturday at 1 p.m., the meeting attendees joined the minute for peace, concluding with the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer.