Oscar De La Hoya Accuses Canelo Álvarez of Stealing: A Look at Their Feud

The once friendly relationship between Oscar De La Hoya and Canelo Álvarez took a turn for the worse on June 10 in a sensational video by Golden Boy where De La Hoya lashes out at the undisputed super middleweight champion, accusing him of defamation and talking «shit». The two were previously partners during a portion of the 33-year-old Mexican boxer’s career before their relationship soured in 2020 when Canelo parted ways with Golden Boy Promotions. Since then, they have had an underlying dispute.

Although they have managed to keep it under control, there was an outburst before Canelo’s fight against Jaime Munguía in May, and now the volcano finally erupted when De La Hoya, 51, was trolled online after Canelo suggested that he had stolen from him. De La Hoya confronted Canelo in the video, accusing him of being robbed and implying that people close to him were stealing from him.

The rift between Canelo and De La Hoya first surfaced in 2019 after Canelo defeated Danny Jacobs, and DAZN was expecting an immediate trilogy fight against Gennady Golovkin. However, Canelo chose to fight Sergey Kovalev instead, which left Canelo frustrated with Golden Boy Promotions. The two officially parted ways in 2020, and while they may have had amicable terms since then, there has been no love lost between them.

During a press conference for Canelo’s fight against Jaime Munguía in May 2024, De La Hoya expressed his respect for Canelo but also claimed that Golden Boy Promotions had helped build him up and deserved respect in return. This angered Canelo, who lashed out at De La Hoya in front of the media, accusing him of trying to steal money and calling him names. The exchange escalated with insults in Spanish, with Canelo referencing alleged failed drug tests before Canelo’s 2018 fight against Golovkin.