Prunés Urges Citizens to Vote with Europe and the Islands in Mind

PALMA, June 9 (EUROPA PRESS) – The candidate of El PI-Proposta per les Illes Balears for the European Parliament, as part of the Coalition for a Solidarity Europe (CEUS), Jordi Prunés, has called on citizens to vote this Sunday in the European elections, «thinking about Europe and the Islands».

Speaking to the media, candidate Jordi Prunés, who voted at 12:00 at the CEIP Son Ferriol, stated that this Sunday «is the day when citizens must express their vote» and, for this reason, encouraged people to «go to their polling station, take five minutes, cast their vote, and then enjoy this wonderful day today».

Prunés made a special appeal to those who will be voting for the first time in these European elections. «I voted for the first time in European elections and I encourage people, who are also exercising their right to vote for the first time today, to come and vote, thinking about Europe, where they will have to live, and thinking about the Islands».

It will be in the evening when the electoral results will be revealed, but the candidate hopes that «these elections will result in a completely pro-European European Parliament». «It is important to bet on democracy in Europe,» Prunés concluded.