Algeciras Market Faces Uncertain Reopening Date

This Tuesday, there will be no market and the Algeciras City Council has not provided a date for its next reopening. The market is usually located in Parque Antonio Quintero, but it cannot be set up yet because the area is still occupied by the dismantling of the Royal Fair.

In recent weeks, the market has been temporarily relocated to Llano Amarillo due to the setup and ongoing event of the Algeciras Royal Fair. However, this area is now being used for the Operation Paso del Estrecho (OPE) operation.

Sabina Quiles, the Markets councilor, mentioned that «we will have to wait for the dismantling, cleaning, and disinfection tasks at the Fair Park to be completed before we can resume setting up the traditional market in that location.»

Nevertheless, the Markets delegate has assured that the City Council will «issue the necessary communications to inform citizens of the dates and locations for the market’s resumption.»

In the meantime, vendors and customers are encouraged to stay tuned for updates from the City Council regarding the reopening of the Algeciras Market. The temporary closure may inconvenience regular attendees, but ensuring a clean and safe environment for both vendors and shoppers is a top priority.

Given the current situation, it is essential for everyone involved to remain patient and understanding as the necessary preparations are made for the market to reopen successfully. The Algeciras Market holds a special place in the community, and its return will be eagerly awaited by all. Let’s stay informed and supportive during this temporary closure, knowing that better days are ahead for the beloved market in Algeciras.