The City of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is taking important security measures in preparation for the upcoming San Juan bonfires event. The City’s Citizen Security and Emergency Service has activated a preventive security and emergency plan for the celebration of the bonfires throughout the city. In the days leading up to the event, efforts have been focused on locating, inspecting, and geolocating areas where materials for the bonfires are being stored or where the bonfires are being set up.

On the day of the event, there will be an additional 46 local police officers on duty, as well as more personnel from Civil Protection and the Volunteer Civil Protection Group of Santa Cruz. The operators at the Transmission Center (Cetra) of the Operational Coordination Center of the Local Administration (Cecopal) will also be reinforced. Coordination with various municipal public services will be crucial for ensuring the safety of the event.

To aid in these efforts, the City of Santa Cruz has provided a platform on its website for individuals to notify the authorities in advance if they plan to set up a bonfire. Additionally, the website includes important safety recommendations and an informative video on the topic.

It is important to note that bonfires are not allowed on public roads, parks, or gardens, and there are restrictions in certain ravines, especially in the villages and neighborhoods of Anaga, due to the risk of fire spreading to forested areas. Bonfires are also prohibited on beaches in accordance with coastal regulations.

For a safe bonfire, it should be located at least 20 meters away from buildings, roads, power lines, and parked vehicles. There should be a distance of about 50 meters between bonfires, and this distance should be doubled if the bonfire is close to facilities at risk of fire (such as gas stations or industrial warehouses). The maximum height of the bonfire should be three meters with a diameter limit of five meters to prevent the fire from reaching dangerous heights. It is essential not to use flammable, explosive, or environmentally harmful materials in the bonfire.

It is recommended to have a water supply nearby to extinguish or control the bonfire if necessary. The organizers of the bonfires should not leave the area until they are certain that the fire has been completely put out. Information collected on all San Juan bonfires in Santa Cruz will be shared with local police, Civil Protection, the Tenerife Fire Consortium, the Natural Environment Unit (UMEN), and the emergency services.

As the event approaches, it is important for the public to remain aware of any changes in weather conditions, as high temperatures or strong winds could impact the safety measures in place. By following these guidelines and working together with the authorities, everyone can enjoy a safe and successful San Juan bonfires celebration in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.