FC Cartagena Starts the 2024-25 Project with Optimism

In a surprising turn of events, FC Cartagena has kicked off the 2024-25 project with optimism. Following the departure of Julián Calero in the morning, the club wasted no time in announcing the hiring of Abelardo Fernández as the new head coach in the afternoon. With Fernández leading the team alongside the sports commission, the focus now shifts to building a squad that aims to maintain its position in professional football, without giving up on higher aspirations as in previous seasons.

The atmosphere between the club and its surroundings has not been ideal throughout the season. Struggles emerged last summer during the transfer window, and poor results at the start of the season only made matters worse. While the team showed improvement from January onwards, there were still doubts about how they would fare in their fifth consecutive season in the Segunda division.

During Calero’s farewell press conference, President Francisco Belmonte delivered a message of optimism. He acknowledged the challenges faced last summer and admitted to potential mistakes, but emphasized his dedication to the club’s well-being. Belmonte also highlighted that the financial accounts for the 2023-24 season were the best in recent years, leading to a slightly increased budget for player acquisitions.

As the club moves forward with a new coach and renewed optimism, the focus will be on strengthening the squad and aiming for a successful season in the competitive world of Spanish football. With a fresh perspective and a clear goal in mind, FC Cartagena is poised to navigate the challenges ahead with determination and drive.

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The appointment of Abelardo Fernández as the new head coach signals a fresh start for FC Cartagena as they embark on the 2024-25 project with renewed optimism. With the support of the sports commission and President Belmonte’s commitment to the club’s success, fans can look forward to an exciting season ahead.