Jimena Monteverde’s Absence From La Noche de Mirtha Legrand

In a surprising turn of events during the last Saturday’s episode of La noche de Mirtha Legrand (El Trece, El Tres), the host, Mirtha Legrand, revealed the peculiar reason why chef Jimena Monteverde did not participate in the program.

Instead of Monteverde, the temporary replacement was chef Coco Carreño, whom Legrand instructed to «do your best.»

«Miren, hoy no está Jimenita,» announced Mirtha, welcoming Carreño to the show. Carreño, who also appears alongside Monteverde on the show Escuela de cocina (El Nueve), expressed his delight at being at Mirtha’s table, calling it an honor.

Legrand then disclosed, «Do you know where Jimena is? She’s at the Vatican, cooking for His Holiness. She went to cook at the Vatican.»

Carreño prepared a menu for Mirtha, Chief of Staff Guillermo Francos, journalists Adrián Ventura and Laura Di Marco, and historian Daniel Balmaceda. The menu included a cheese, ricotta, and pumpkin strudel as an appetizer, a two-colored spaetzle goulash as the main course, and an apple crumble with ginger ice cream for dessert.

The unexpected absence of Jimena Monteverde certainly added a unique twist to the latest episode of La noche de Mirtha Legrand, leaving viewers intrigued and delighted by Carreño’s culinary talents.