Replacement of Camila Andrade will bring back iconic TV figure

In a recent announcement, former host of the Viña del Mar Festival, Camila Andrade, will be joining the team of Camila Andrade for the remainder of 2024. This Friday, rumors surrounding who would succeed Camila Andrade as a panelist on La Caja de Pandora came to an end, as confirmed by the television channel.

Following the controversial breakup of Carla Jara and Francisco Kaminski, former Miss Chile had to bid farewell to her spot on the small screen, where she was let go. Who will replace Camila Andrade? It was confirmed through social media that Eva Gómez will return to TV for the remainder of 2024 as a temporary substitute for Andrade.

Gómez has not hosted a program or participated in entertainment panels for at least three years, adding anticipation to the return of this Chilean icon. «We officially announce that starting from Monday, June 3, the renowned host and communicator Eva Gómez will join our team, taking over the hosting duties of our program,» Digital Media Prime disclosed. They highlighted Eva’s extensive career, which includes hosting the Viña del Mar Song Festival from 2011 to 2013.

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