Article Title: ‘Am I OK?’: A Critical Review of the Romantic Comedy Starring Dakota Johnson as a Late Bloomer Lesbian

In the film ‘Am I OK?’ (¿Todo bien?), Dakota Johnson plays the main character, Lucy, a 32-year-old woman who, upon hearing that her best friend is leaving town, decides to come out as a lesbian. Despite this revelation, Lucy struggles to take the next step of being intimate with another woman. Working as a receptionist at a beauty center, Lucy finds herself attracted to one of the massage therapists (Kiersey Clemons) at her workplace, while her best friend Jane (Sonoya Mizuno) plans her new life in London. The film explores the dynamics of a romantic comedy centered around female characters and delves into the theme of a woman navigating her frustrations and newfound sexuality.

Written by Lauren Pomerantz, known for her work as a writer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, ‘Am I OK?’ is directed by Stephanie Allynne and Tig Notaro, both actresses and comedians who also happen to be a couple making their directorial debut with this film. The movie captures the passivity and blockage experienced by its central character, mirroring the lack of vitality and depth in its storyline. Despite sharp dialogue, the film falls short in conveying the inner turmoil and depth of its characters, leaving much to be desired.

While Dakota Johnson delivers a solid performance, the film fails to fully explore the complexities of her character’s fears of rejection and loneliness. The friendship between Lucy and Jane lacks chemistry, with Sonoya Mizuno’s character feeling underdeveloped and uninspiring. The film’s attempt to depict the nuances of friendship, change, and unrequited love falls flat compared to more successful comedies in the genre.

Overall, ‘Am I OK?’ struggles to deliver a compelling narrative or engaging character development, resulting in a lackluster portrayal of friendship and self-discovery. Despite the potential for an intriguing exploration of identity and relationships, the film falls short in its execution, ultimately leaving much to be desired.

Keywords: Dakota Johnson, romantic comedy, LGBTQ+, friendship, self-discovery