Buddy Valastro: A Baking Dynasty on Television

Buddy Valastro, also known as the «Cake Boss,» and his family are gearing up to tackle the challenge of balancing the demands of a thriving expanding business empire with the responsibilities of family life. On Saturday, July 13th, Lifetime will premiere «Cake Dynasty» for all of Latin America, a new series featuring the renowned pastry chef, chef, and entrepreneur Buddy Valastro, who is returning to television to showcase how he and his family will take the Carlo’s Bake Shop business empire to new heights, expanding it to other areas while continuing to create incredible and creative cakes, something that has defined his career.

The first season of «Cake Dynasty,» consisting of ten episodes, will provide a behind-the-scenes look at Carlo’s Bake Shop and follow along with the «Cake Boss» – Buddy – as he navigates the demands of a rapidly growing commercial empire and a demanding family life. Now with all of his children involved, Buddy Valastro’s business is expanding with more restaurants, nationwide shipping, cake vending machines, and much more. Despite this growth, the pastry chef remains true to his roots by baking thousands of cakes, special Italian desserts, cookies, and designing innovative and surprising cake creations every day.

In this season, the «Cake Boss» faces even more extreme challenges, including creating cakes to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary racehorse Secretariat’s victory, the 50th birthday of actor Neil Patrick Harris, the 20th anniversary of the Broadway musical Wicked, and a massive anniversary cake for Caesars Palace. Additionally, the series showcases how, alongside his demanding work and responsibilities, Buddy strives to remain a dedicated husband and father to four children who are growing up and navigating their next steps in the family business and beyond.

Buddy Valastro has been a trailblazer in the custom cake movement, achieving unparalleled influence through his work at the long-standing family business Carlo’s Bake Shop since he first appeared on television in 2009. Originally founded in 1910 and acquired by Buddy’s father in 1964, Carlo’s Bakery is a family business with 12 locations in the United States and numerous Cake ATM vending machine locations in North America and Canada. With four New York Times best-selling books, a variety of successful television shows, and a legion of over 30 million social media followers worldwide, the «Cake Boss» is a culinary giant. On June 7, 2024, Buddy received a Daytime Emmy Award for his role as host of the 2023 A&E series «Legends of The Fork.»

«Cake Dynasty» is produced by Six West Media in partnership with Cakehouse Media for A&E. Steve Ascher, Donna MacLetchie, Jacob Huddleston, Cyndi Harder, and Buddy Valastro are executive producers. Teri Kennedy and Jordan Harman are executive producers for A&E Network, which holds the global distribution rights to this program.

The show promises to provide viewers with an inside look at the world of Buddy Valastro and his family as they navigate the challenges of running a successful business while maintaining their strong family bonds. Get ready to be inspired by the creativity and dedication of the Valastro family as they take the Carlo’s Bake Shop empire to new heights on «Cake Dynasty.»