Coverage of the European elections on esRadio, Libertad Digital, and YouTube

Europe will decide on the configuration of the European Parliament this Sunday, June 9, after an electoral campaign in Spain that has been marked by the summons of Begoña Gómez as a defendant for corruption and influence peddling. This summons prompted a second letter to the citizens from Pedro Sánchez, this time without any sabbatical days for reflection.

Throughout the campaign, the PSOE, in a desperate attempt to mobilize its voters and unite the left and far-left vote, has insisted on the «mud» and tried to make the rumor that Feijóo is preparing a motion of censure with Puigdemont stick.

As usual, the Libertad Digital Group will be fully dedicated to these elections, which could be a harsh setback for Pedro Sánchez or an opportunity for the Prime Minister to claim that Spain continues to support him. Juan Pablo Polvorinos will host a special program on esRadio starting at 10:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 9, with Federico Jiménez Losantos, Dieter Brandau, Luis Herrero, Carlos Cuesta, Manuel Llamas, and Raúl Vilas.

Of course, there will be live connections to the headquarters of the main parties, where Rubén Fernández and Maite Loureiro will report on how the vote count is going and the initial reactions.

This special coverage will be broadcast live on YouTube, and on our online newspaper, you can follow all the information minute by minute. Until then, stay tuned for all the information about the Basque elections on Libertad Digital and esRadio.