Daniel Ricciardo Speaks on His Future with RB Team: «I’ll be honest, I haven’t really thought about it much»

In the recent weekend during the Monaco GP, RB’s CEO, Peter Bayer, expressed his satisfaction with the performance of their two drivers, Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo. These comments sparked speculations that both could continue with the team for the 2025 season, when their contracts end.

Ricciardo has had a tough start in 2024, diminishing his chances of returning to Red Bull. However, his performances have significantly improved since being given a new chassis at the Chinese GP.

After the qualifying session in Monaco, Ricciardo was asked about Bayer’s positive comments. «I’ll be honest, I haven’t really thought about it much,» said Ricciardo. «So yeah, it’s great to hear that. And yeah, it would be fantastic. But I want to consistently do better.»

«I think, like today, maybe we’ll find something that, well, that’s why I lost a bit here or there. But there’ll probably always be something, this is F1, and it’s never perfect. So I’m not happy with having these gaps. I think that’s what frustrates me a bit. Obviously, the team has been great.»

«I want to do better» RB, as Ricciardo explained, has provided significant support to the Australian during his tough moments this season. The former McLaren driver is confident that the Faenza team recognizes what he’s capable of when performing at his best, something he aims to do more consistently. «They have been a great support,» he stated. «And obviously, they know I can do it, but this year has been a bit harder to do it week after week.»

For now, Ricciardo is more focused on extracting more performance from the car and reducing the gap with the teams ahead of him, rather than his future. «That’s really where my focus is now, instead of feeling too comfortable or excited about what the future holds. I want to do that. Whether it’s the car or me, I just want to do better. And I said I didn’t feel too bad today, but clearly it wasn’t good enough.»

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