Historic Opening of XXXVII Tauromaquia “Ciudad de Algeciras” Jornadas by Councilor Antonio Sanz

The Councilor of the Presidency, Interior, Social Dialogue, and Administrative Simplification of the Andalusian Government, boldly stated, «I am a bullfighting enthusiast and I will say it loud and clear, always and everywhere. I am proud to be a bullfighting enthusiast, especially in these times when some seek to ban what they do not like.» The XXXVII Tauromaquia “Ciudad de Algeciras” Jornadas were inaugurated yesterday, on Monday, June 10th, by the Councilor of the Presidency, Interior, Social Dialogue, and Administrative Simplification of the Andalusian Government, Mr. Antonio Sanz Cabello, who delivered the XIII Bullfighting Pregón at an event held in the Cloister of the Municipal Museum.

The pregonero delivered a heartfelt dissertation, drawing a chronology between the «Bullfighting Festival and the history of the City of Algeciras,» while also recalling «his personal friendship with great bullfighting figures such as Curro Romero, Francisco Ruiz Miguel, Paco Ojeda, or Manuel Escribano.» The Councilor was introduced by the Mayor-President of the city, Mr. José Ignacio Landaluce, who, using bullfighting similes, indicated that «Sanz has been, is, and will continue to be at the top of the rankings,» noting that he holds the responsibilities in bullfighting matters for the entire autonomous community.

The event, which saw a full house, was led and coordinated by journalist Emilio Trigo and was attended by the deputy mayor in charge of Fairs and Festivities, Juana Cid; the businessman of Coso de Las Palomas and organizer of the Jornadas, Carmelo García; all territorial delegates of the Junta led by the Vice-Councilor of the Presidency, Tomás Burgos; the Government Delegate in Cádiz, Mercedes Colombo; the sub-delegate of the Andalusian government in the region, Javier Ros; the Secretary General of the Interior of the Junta, David Gil; the third vice president of the Diputación de Cádiz, Jacinto Muñoz Madrid; a broad representation of the municipal Corporation; the president of the Mancomunidad de Municipios del Campo de Gibraltar, Susana Pérez Custodio; the president of the Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras, Gerardo Landaluce; the Consul of the Kingdom of Morocco in Algeciras, Driss Soussi; the naval commander of the city, Fernando García Rodríguez; the chief superintendent of Operations of the National Police Corps, Ramón Fernández; the superintendent of the Local Police, Ángel Gutiérrez; the dean judge of the city, Jerónimo García San Martín; the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Carlos Fenoy; the president of the Local Council of Brotherhoods and Fraternities, Manuel Delgado Cerro; the bullfighter David Galván; the president of the Andalusian Federation of Bullfighting Schools, Eduardo Ordoñez, and the youth queen of the Royal Fair, Carmen Sáez, along with her court of honor.

It is worth noting that before the pregón, the «Taurina» and «Taurómaco» exhibitions were also inaugurated. «Taurina» is a pictorial exhibition of engravings by Mr. Diego González de la Torre, consisting of twenty engravings made on wood and linoleum plates, depicting bullfighting scenes and portraits of bullfighting masters who have succeeded in the Royal Fair of Algeciras. On the other hand, «Taurómaco» displays photographs by David Villarán, showcasing a selection of black and white photographs taken in the bullfighters’ courtyards of various bullrings, where the gazes of the bullfighters and the bulls intertwine.

The XXXVII Tauromaquia “Ciudad de Algeciras” Jornadas will continue today, Tuesday, June 11th, starting at 8:30 pm, in the Cloister of the Municipal Museum, with the «Masters face to face» meeting featuring bullfighter Enrique Ponce and artist César Cadaval, a member of the duo «Los Morancos.»