Venezuela Elections: Opposition Accuses Maduro of Banning Rival Edmundo González’s Candidacy

The upcoming elections in Venezuela are facing new threats as opposition leader César Pérez Vivas has accused the regime of Nicolás Maduro of planning electoral fraud by attempting to «invalidate the unified candidacy of Edmundo González Urrutia and the opposition’s ballots» just days before the July 28th presidential elections. Pérez Vivas, also the governor of Táchira and a member of the Democratic Unity Platform (PUD) supporting González, raised concerns about the alleged electoral fraud being orchestrated by the Chavista government, which controls all branches of power.

Pérez Vivas took to social media to reveal that the president of the Chavista parliament and head of Maduro’s campaign command, Jorge Rodríguez, along with the deputy Diosdado Cabello, have been meeting with Supreme Court justices in an attempt to annul Edmundo González’s candidacy on the opposition’s ballots. He emphasized that it is Maduro, with absolute control over the powers, who should respect the electoral process and results, not the opposition.

The opposition is prepared to respond if the government moves forward with attempts to invalidate the unified candidacy. Pérez Vivas warned that any such actions would be met with a political and electoral response, and the threat of filling stadiums with prisoners, as suggested by Jorge Rodríguez. The opposition remains steadfast in its commitment to bring about change and will not be caught off guard by the government’s schemes.

The escalating tensions were further fueled by Diosdado Cabello’s threatening remarks towards the opposition, accusing them of inciting post-election conflict. The situation has attracted international attention, with the president of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, urging Maduro to respect democratic principles, accept international observation, and refrain from undermining the opposition’s efforts.

The upcoming elections in Venezuela are fraught with uncertainty and the opposition remains vigilant against any attempts to subvert the democratic process. The international community is closely monitoring the developments as the country grapples with political turmoil and concerns over the integrity of the electoral system.