Europa, Home of the Basques

As European citizens head to the polls to vote in the European Parliament elections, the diversity and unity of Europe are on full display. From the earliest voters in the Netherlands to those casting their ballots in countries like Italy, Slovakia, and Latvia, the importance of this election cannot be understated. For the Basque people, the stakes are high as they face threats from both the rise of the far-right and the challenges of a divided and weak European Union.

One immediate concern for the Basque region is the risk posed by the growing influence of the extreme right and its anti-European, anti-integration, and xenophobic ideology. The upcoming election will test the strength of these forces and their impact on the future of Europe. Additionally, the vulnerability of a disunited EU, lacking in leadership and at the mercy of global superpowers like China and the United States, poses a significant risk to the Basque country and its place within a united Europe.

Throughout history, the Basque people have looked to Europe as a beacon of hope and opportunity for peace, dialogue, cooperation, and solidarity. Visionaries like José Antonio Aguirre and Manuel Irujo envisioned a Europe of nations united in federalism, where Euskadi could thrive on an equal footing with its European counterparts. The concept of Euskadi in a united and federal Europe has long been a driving force for the Basque people, dating back to the early 1930s when the idea of Europe was still in its infancy.

As the European elections unfold and citizens across the continent make their voices heard, the future of Europe as a home for the Basque people hangs in the balance. From the early voting in the Netherlands to the final ballots cast in the Basque country, the outcome of this election will determine whether Europe remains a homeland for the Basques and all its citizens. The unity and strength of Europe are at stake, and the Basque people will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the continent.