Tonight, starting at nine, the second semi-final of the Eurocup, Netherlands-England, will be played on La 1, with comments from David Figueira, Chapi Ferrer, and Carlos Marchena. The team that will face Spain in the final in Berlin this Sunday will be determined by the result of this match. Following the game, and in case there is no extra time or penalties, a new episode of «Lazos de Sangre» will air at 11:00 PM. This episode will focus on the most popular duo in 80s cinema, Andrés Pajares and Fernando Esteso. They have dedicated their lives to entertainment, bringing lots of comedy to the screen and facing many real-life dramas.

Jordi González will moderate the discussion accompanying the documentary that traces the careers of these two comedians. Actress Llum Barrera and journalists Marta Nebot, Juan Sanguino, Marta Robles, Nacho Montes, and Isabel González will analyze the lives, work, and personas of both individuals.

«Lazos de Sangre» embarks on another journey through memory filled with nostalgia. The documentary explores the reunion of Esteso and Pajares and looks back on how they rose to fame as television stars through their theater performances. From their beginnings on stage, they transitioned to film under the direction of Mariano Ozores, a filmmaker with numerous titles who found great success with these two comedians, as their movies were widely popular in theaters and the emerging video rental business. While their content may now be questionable, their nine films remain in the collective memory.

Movies like «Yo hice a Roque III» or «Agítese antes de usarla» filled theaters when cinemas gave way to video rental stores, becoming the first films to thrive in these neighborhood shops. They reflect a Spain in transition, characterized by a mix of traditional and modern elements, mythologized by some and underestimated by others. Both comedians represent a style of humor that resonated with the average audience of that time, connecting with the general public in a unique way.