Controlling Cockroach Infestation in Sestao

Tuesday, June 11, 2024, 15:09

In addition to Barakaldo, where a cockroach infestation is causing headaches for residents of Cruces, with a large number being spotted in other neighborhoods as well, more municipalities are reporting an increase in cockroach sightings in recent weeks. These insects are being seen in large numbers on the streets, in various public spaces, and even inside homes. One such case is in Sestao, where the City Council has just launched a special action plan to control and reduce the number of these insects.

The measure was announced by the Services Councilor, Rosa María del Palacio, who explained that this action is being carried out in collaboration with the company responsible for pest control in the municipality. «We are in a time of year when the activity of these insects and their reproduction is at its peak, coming out of their usual shelters and becoming more visible to the public,» she stated, highlighting that this issue «is exacerbated by environmental factors such as humidity and the temperatures we are experiencing.»

According to the City Council, there have been reports from community residents and individuals about the presence of cockroaches in numerous areas, especially during nighttime. After collecting all the reports, the company tasked with addressing these issues has devised an action plan and a map of areas where they need to intervene, «covering almost the entire municipality,» including interventions in the sewer system, curbsides, and other common sighting spots.

The application of special products has started in San Pedro Square and the Markonzaga neighborhood, and will continue in the El Carmen group, Albiz neighborhood, Txabarri, La Anunciación group, La Paz group, and other areas outlined in this special plan.

Mild temperatures and rainfall

The head of the pest control company, Ernesto Cañón, mentioned that this intervention will last approximately two to three weeks. He also explained that the high presence of these insects in other municipalities in the surrounding areas is due to «coming from a winter that was not very harsh, causing cockroach populations to remain higher than usual. As spring arrives with milder temperatures and rainfall, their numbers have multiplied, leading to increased sightings.»

– Barakaldo
– Sestao