Reactivation of Homes Promised by Nation to Begin with 14 Houses at 80%

In a recent announcement from the Ministry of Government, Infrastructure, and Territorial Development, it was revealed that there are 156 homes agreed upon by the national government and the provincial government in previous negotiations. Out of this total number of homes, by the end of 2024, 14 homes located in the Lavalle department could be completed, as they are already at over 80% progress.

One of the key aspects of the agreement between Mendoza and Chief of Staff Guillermo Francos is that the Province will contribute to the financing of these projects. Governor Alfredo Cornejo confirmed that «60% of the financing will be provided by Mendoza to complete these homes that are currently at risk of vandalism or squatting due to being unfinished.» Sources indicate that the provincial funding for this endeavor will amount to approximately $2.5 billion.

These homes are part of national programs such as Casa Propia or Reconstruir and are at various stages of completion. The pace of finishing these homes and delivering them to beneficiaries will depend on their current progress. The 14 homes in Lavalle from the Casa Propia program that could be completed this year were halted with over 80% completion. While their reactivation may not be immediate, indications suggest they could be finished before December. Additionally, there are 9 homes in Lavalle at over 65% completion, 41 homes in Rivadavia at over 55% completion, and 24 homes in San Martín at over 45% completion. The agreement also includes the Nation resuming construction on 43 homes in Tupungato from the Reconstruir program, which are halfway done, and 25 homes in Santa Rosa with just over 30% progress, all of which will take a bit longer to complete.

In a separate development, Tunuyán Mayor Emir Andraos is working to have the Nation resume construction on 300 homes that were near completion in his municipality. This agreement was made directly with the previous national government without the involvement of the province of Mendoza, leading to negotiations following a similar path. The advanced state of these homes also puts them at risk of squatting, prompting concerns from Andraos. The Secretary of Housing and Habitat stated that with regards to this program, which saw 49,000 homes across the country stalled, they are exploring co-financing options with private entities or implementing units (provincial or municipal governments) to resume construction.