Mirtha Legrand’s Encounter with Perón Revealed: «I Would Have Loved for Him to Seduce Me»

During her Saturday night show, Mirtha Legrand shared a surprising anecdote involving Juan Domingo Perón and the 1944 San Juan earthquake, leaving her guests in awe.

When asked if the former president tried to seduce her the day they met, the Argentine television diva’s response was unexpected.

The conversation unfolded as Mirtha interacted with Guillermo Francos, Chief of Staff, journalists Adrián Ventura and Laura Di Marco, and historian Daniel Balmaceda about the fate of Eva Perón’s body. Taking advantage of the context, Di Marco directly asked Mirtha: «Did you know Perón, Mirtha?» The diva’s response was affirmative: «Yes, yes. He was very nice,» she recalled. «I met him when the San Juan earthquake happened, and they called a bunch of actors. They always turn to actors, famous people to collaborate and raise funds. We collaborated a lot, and he received us at the Labor and Social Security Ministry. Very nice,» she added.

The journalist, digging deeper into that encounter, took Mirtha by surprise with a direct question. «Is it true, as the legend says, that he tried to seduce you?» Di Marco asked. «What?,» Legrand reacted. «That he tried to seduce you instead of Evita,» the journalist had to repeat. «No, no! I never heard that, I never knew about that,» she responded with laughter. «I would have loved it,» she added, causing laughter among the guests.

Mirtha continued to clarify: «No, not at all. He was very kind to me. There were many actresses, not just me. I’m the only one left from that time. And he treated all of us very well.» She also recalled the organization of the charity collection and that it was sent to Córdoba. Historian Daniel Balmaceda added that the Armed Forces also participated and that it was «a great task.» «An impressive collection was made to rebuild Caucete,» Balmaceda concluded.