Spain Prepares for the European Elections

Spain is gearing up for its ninth European elections since officially joining the European Union in 1985. The Twenty-Seven member states are set to vote to determine the 720 Euro MPs who will make up the European Parliament. Over the years, the ruling parties in Spain, PSOE and Partido Popular, have taken turns in securing victories, with each party clinching four wins.

The most recent triumph in the European elections came in 2019 when the PSOE emerged victorious with 20 seats and 32.84% of the votes under the leadership of Josep Borrell. Prior to that, the socialists also claimed victory in 2004 with 43.46% of the votes and 25 seats. The PSOE’s success dates back to 1989 when former Foreign Minister Fernando Morán led the party to victory, securing 27 seats and nearly 40% of the votes. The PSOE also won the inaugural European elections in Spain in 1987.

On the other hand, the Partido Popular has also tasted success in the European elections on four occasions. Their most recent win was in 2014 with Miguel Arias Cañete at the helm, winning 16 seats and 26.09% of the votes. In 2009, Jaime Mayor Oreja led the party to victory with 24 seats and 42.12% of the votes. The Partido Popular’s most significant triumph came in 1994 when Abel Matutes spearheaded the party to 28 seats and 40.12% of the votes.

What is Ahora Repúblicas?

As the only elections of a single state-level constituency, independent and nationalist parties have to form alliances to run together. In 2019, ERC, EH Bildu, and BNG joined forces under the banner of Ahora Repúblicas and secured three seats with Oriol Junqueras as the candidate.

Ahora Repúblicas is the successor to the former coalitions ‘La Izquierda por el Derecho a Decidir’ and ‘Los Pueblos Deciden’. Despite being made up of parties from different regions, the coalition’s main political agenda revolves around advocating for the right to self-determination for Catalonia, the Basque Country, and Galicia. They also push for the official recognition of Catalan, Basque, and Galician as languages within EU institutions.

This coalition comprises left-wing nationalist and independence parties, now also including Ara Més. Polls predict that the coalition could secure between two and three seats in the upcoming 2024 elections, with Diana Riba of ERC leading the charge. Riba, a former member of the European Parliament, has emphasized the need to protect rights, the environment, and freedom.

Riba has called for massive participation in the elections, highlighting the importance of a strong connection between the European institution and the Catalan citizens. Stay updated with the latest news by following us on our WhatsApp channel for all the breaking news and updates from antena3noticias.com.