Teodoro Sosa Calls on Román Rodríguez to Resign Following Yolanda Díaz’s Example

Yolanda Díaz has decided to resign from her organic positions, thus acknowledging defeat in the European elections. This unexpected decision is having repercussions in the Canary Islands, where Sumar ran in alliance with the nationalists of Nueva Canarias, obtaining 13,336 votes, nearly 2,500 votes less than Coalición Canaria in Gran Canaria, their stronghold. Román Rodríguez, already questioned for his lack of leadership and the repeated electoral failures in the implementation of his strategies, has received a direct message from the President’s councilor of the Cabildo and a strong figure in the renewal of nationalism that is brewing in Nueva Canarias: Teodoro Sosa. The message, made public through X (formerly Twitter), is a direct jab at Rodríguez and an invitation to resign following the example of Yolanda Díaz.

Teodoro Sosa has stated on Twitter, «I just found out about Yolanda Díaz’s resignation due to Sumar’s poor electoral results. I hope the same example prevails in all organizations,» challenging the leadership of Nueva Canarias and calling for the renewal of the organs. This renewal is a clamor from a large part of its base, who consider Román Rodríguez’s strategy a series of failures that have weakened Gran Canarian nationalism.

In the recent elections, mayors like Teodoro Sosa received strong support in their municipalities. However, the voters of Nueva Canarias did not give the same support to Román Rodríguez, who was much less voted in the ballot to elect members of the Parliament of the Canary Islands. For this reason, Rodríguez was sidelined from politics and has been working solely on the political project without achieving better results so far.

The mayor of Mogán, Onalia Bueno, and Teodoro Sosa have been key figures in the push for change. They have held meetings and conversations with the aim of bridging the gap and creating a unified list for the upcoming elections expected to be held in 2027. Since its founding, Román Rodríguez and Carmelo Ramírez have been part of the directive bodies continuously.

Various mayors have expressed their support for Teodoro Sosa’s call for Román Rodríguez’s resignation. The mayor of Valsequillo, Francisco Atta, also took a dig at Rodríguez, urging him to make a brave decision similar to Yolanda Díaz’s. Journalist Juan García Luján shared Teodoro Sosa’s tweet with the addition, «It seems that in the mountains of Gáldar they have just decided to speak plainly.»

The mayor of Agüimes, Óscar Hernández, another municipal leader of Nueva Canarias, has also shown his support for Teodoro Sosa, inviting Román Rodríguez to reflect on his actions. Other members or former members of the party with less political weight, like the former coordinator of Nueva Canarias in Lanzarote, Armando Santana, have also expressed their support for Teodoro Sosa.

Unfortunately, some live in their own lie, with outdated and out-of-touch arguments, but they no longer deceive anyone. A strong hug to the mayor and long live Gáldar!