Telefe Considers Replacing Santiago del Moro as Host of Gran Hermano

In a recent article published in El Impertinente, it was revealed that the events of the past few days may have led to a significant decision regarding the hosting of Gran Hermano. The increasing wave of scandals surrounding the show has prompted the authorities at Telefe, under the guidance of the channel’s owners, to contemplate replacing Santiago del Moro with a new host.

During a segment on Net TV, journalist Tomás Dente claimed that it was not the usual outbursts from the contestants that led to this decision, but rather Santiago del Moro’s behavior towards the audience members who fill the stands night after night to support the reality show participants. According to Dente, during Wednesday’s episode, Santiago del Moro was seen creating a controversial situation by throwing candies into the crowd «as if feeding animals in a zoo,» which caught the attention of a key executive at the network.

Speculation has been swirling about the potential replacement for Santiago del Moro on Gran Hermano. Fabiana Aquin was asked to draw a tarot card, which reportedly indicated that «there will be a significant change before this season ends.» Furthermore, there was allegedly a phone call at Telefe the previous night from the network’s top executive expressing dissatisfaction with the direction of the show and questioning the portrayal of violence.

As rumors continue to circulate, it has been suggested that the new host of Gran Hermano could be none other than Ivan de Pineda, described as «the new big promise of Telefe» by some insiders. This potential change has sparked curiosity and anticipation among fans of the reality show.

In conclusion, the fate of Santiago del Moro as the host of Gran Hermano hangs in the balance as Telefe explores the possibility of a new face taking the reins. The decision to replace a well-known host with a rising star reflects the network’s commitment to keeping the show fresh and engaging for viewers. Stay tuned for further developments in this evolving story.