Real Madrid’s goalkeeper situation may be in chaos this summer. With Courtois as the undisputed starter, it seemed like peace had returned after a season in which three goalkeepers defended the team’s goal following the Belgian’s injury: Kepa, Lunin, and Courtois.
This season everything was clear: Courtois as the starter and Lunin as the backup. Kepa, who was on loan, returned to Chelsea. That was the plan, but everything could be up in the air. Lunin is under contract until 2025 and has not yet signed a renewal with the club. The Ukrainian had a lot of prominence last season and now, with Courtois recovered, he will be back on the bench, a situation that the 25-year-old goalkeeper is not convinced about.

Lunin is considering his future, with teams interested in him, and it is not ruled out that he will leave Real Madrid. If that happens, the club will go to the market to look for a backup for Courtois.
With that in mind, several goalkeepers have already started to be rumored. One option is to bring back Kepa, to be loaned again to Real Madrid. The other option is Joan García, a 23-year-old goalkeeper from Espanyol who has been gaining strength in the last few weeks as a possible arrival at Real Madrid.
The club is keeping an eye on the goalkeeper market in case Lunin decides to leave the team this summer. So far, the Ukrainian has not clearly expressed his intentions, which has put Real Madrid on alert.

Additional Information:
It is crucial for Real Madrid to have a solid backup goalkeeper for Courtois in case Lunin decides to leave. Joan García, a young talent from Espanyol, could be a promising option due to his potential and age. However, bringing back Kepa, who already has experience with the team, could also provide stability in the goalkeeping position. The decision will ultimately depend on Lunin’s choice and the club’s assessment of available options in the goalkeeper market. Maintaining a strong goalkeeping department is essential for Real Madrid’s success in the upcoming season.