Croquetón de Tlalpan: 7 canines find new homes and collect food

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, June 9 (EL UNIVERSAL).- A total of 150 kilos of food and seven dogs found new homes as a result of the «Croquetón» and the «Adoptable’s Catwalk» held in the Tlalpan mayor’s office.

«During the adoptable’s catwalk, seven female dogs managed to find their new families, who from now on will provide them with care, love, but above all responsible guardianship, sure that they will not end up on the streets,» the mayor’s office reported in a statement.

Tlalpan Mayor Alfa González Magallanes congratulated and thanked the families who have given a new opportunity to Manchita, Nala, Luna, Canela, Luneta, Black, for opening their homes to a companion animal that will undoubtedly be part of a new family.

Advocating for animal welfare

The dog food was donated to «Angelitos buscando amor» and «Pequeños rescatistas de Tlalpan,» who joined the adoptable’s catwalk by bringing dogs such as Huskies, Pitbulls, and a German Shepherd, who were abandoned due to their high energy or the negative image associated with these breeds.

Tlalpan Mayor’s Office Deputy Director of Health Promotion and Animal Protection Carlo Castro invited attendees to promote and advocate for animal welfare and reminded them that registrations for the «Introduction to Search and Rescue Dogs» workshop will still be open next week.

The official announced that registrations for the Introduction to Search and Rescue Dogs workshop will be extended due to the significant interest from the public.