New Sinkhole in Viña del Mar Forces Evacuation of at least 60 People

The heavy rains this weekend led to the evacuation of residents from the Euromarina II building in Reñaca, specifically on Las Perlas street. The reason? A new sinkhole, immediately adjacent to the structure. According to Senapred, 60 people had to leave the premises after a storm drain collapsed in the area. This situation inevitably brings back memories of last year’s winter, when at least three buildings in Concón had to be evacuated due to sinkholes, also caused by problems with the storm drain. Viña del Mar Mayor Macarena Ripamonti stated that «there are 30 critical points in the city, but the most important are three: a collapse of a house in Forestal, critical attention and the need for flood bags in the affected areas (referring to the fires last February) and obviously our contribution and support for the evacuation under the instruction of Senapred and the delegation in the Euromarina building in the Reñaca sector.» Check out some of the images Aton.