Jalisco Surpasses 500 Medals in National Conade Games

The Jalisco delegation has now surpassed 500 total medals in the CONADE National Games and is on track towards claiming the title with an outstanding level of performance from its athletes. Just this Friday, as Trampoline Gymnastics began, they secured 7 gold medals. The mixed team in the 10-12 category was the first to step onto the podium. Gustavo Zepeda, Sebastián Quintanilla, Nyah Menéndez, María Gómez, and Sofía Fuentes contributed to Jalisco’s 200th gold medal in the competition.

Later on, the women’s team in the 13-14 category, composed of Melanie Haro, Patzari Olvera, and Mia Padierna, clinched the second gold medal. They, along with Mario Guzmán, Javier Torres, and Patricio Zedillo, in the mixed team 13-14, claimed the top spot in the competition.

Meanwhile, at the Polideportivo Revolución, three more titles were secured in fencing. The first gold medal came in the men’s sabre team event for the 14-15 age category, where Jared Canales, Ethan Pérez, Mateo Rodríguez, and José Sánchez defeated Tamaulipas with a score of 45-24. Another gold medal was achieved by the women’s epee team in the same category, consisting of Dasha Villa, Bárbara Ocegueda, Areli Ramírez, and Alexa Zuno, who emerged victorious in the final against Nuevo León with a score of 45-43.

Additionally, in their first events, the Code athletes obtained 2 gold medals in athletics. Areli Ambrosio won the 300m sub-16 event for the host state with a time of 40.41s, while Valentina Tovar from the same team claimed silver with a time of 40.55s.

The second gold of the day was secured by the sub-16 women’s relay team, who finished with a time of 2:20.35, claiming the top position.

In total, Jalisco now has a tally of 506 medals, including 207 gold medals, placing them at the top of the medal table. (By Martín Navarro Vásquez / Photo: Code JAL)