Impressive Stats as Dibu Martínez Heads to Copa América

09/06/2024 22:40hs. With a series of friendly matches, Lionel Scaloni and his coaching staff are working on defining the starting eleven for the Copa América amidst a squad full of competitive players. They are testing and moving pieces in all positions, except for one, which has been secured for several years now: Dibu Martínez has become undisputed and essential. Yesterday, at Soldier Field in Chicago, the world champion goalkeeper finished the match with a clean sheet. This accomplishment reflects his outstanding performance: 12 clean sheets in the last 13 games he played for the Argentine National Team.

Uruguay was the last team that was able to breach Dibu’s defense. On November 16, the Uruguayans triumphed at La Bombonera with goals from Darwin Núñez and Ronald Araujo during the qualifiers. To find another match in which Martínez conceded goals, one has to go back to the Lusail final, as against Costa Rica (a friendly that the National Team started losing), it was Walter Benítez who was in goal.

There are two factors that explain Dibu’s positive numbers: his effectiveness in resolving dangerous plays and the overall good performance of the world champion squad. Yesterday in Chicago, he had a super calm game: zero saves, zero clearances, and zero blocked shots. And when the ball doesn’t reach Dibu through the opponent, he receives it through his teammates: he completed 49 passes, providing support.

It was a relaxing night for Dibu. One of those nights that allow him to look at the crowd and do a little dance for the stands. And start thinking about a Copa that will have this rhythm… EFE/Ariana Ruiz

Diego «Dibu» Martínez is a professional Argentine goalkeeper who has gained prominence for his exceptional performances with the Argentine National Team. He has proven to be a vital player in the squad, earning a reputation for his ability to keep clean sheets and make crucial saves. Martínez’s impressive record includes 12 clean sheets in the last 13 games he played for his country. His effectiveness in resolving dangerous plays and his contribution to the overall success of the team have solidified his position as an indispensable player. As he prepares for the Copa América, Martínez’s fans eagerly anticipate his continued success on the field.