Controversy Erupts with Jorge Vilda: Punch in the Face!

• Updated on 10/06/2024 at 16:27 CEST

Unfortunately, former Spanish national team coach and current coach of Morocco, Jorge Vilda, has found himself in a new controversy. It happened last Saturday during a friendly match between Morocco and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The incident took place when Congolese player Ruth Kipoyi delivered a brutal punch to Moroccan player Yasmin Mrabet during the match, leaving fans stunned and causing the incident to go viral on social media.

The match was 2-1 in favor of the African team when, in the 59th minute, Galatasaray forward collided with Najat Badri in a harsh tackle. The strong action resulted in a red card and sparked anger among the opposing players due to its intensity, leading to a scuffle on the field. Amidst discussions and criticism of the player’s ugly action, the Congolese player struck Mrabet in the face.

Ruth Kipoyi later apologized on social media upon realizing the impact of her actions: «My actions yesterday do not represent who I am as a person. I lost my temper in a heated match and acted in a way that disappoints myself.»
«To Yasmin, in particular, I offer my sincerest apologies. I hope you are doing well today and I only wish you the best for the future. I am sorry,» she told Levante Las Planas midfielder.
The Congolese forward also stated, «I must learn from this and become a better person.»