Are You Affiliated with a Political Party? Here’s How to Find Out Before the Primary Elections This Sunday

As the Primary elections for mayors and governors approach in Chile this Sunday, political parties are gearing up to support their candidates within a pact for the general elections in October. Both independent individuals and party affiliates can vote in these primaries, with the latter restricted to voting within their party’s pact. It is crucial to verify your affiliation with a political party, as cases of individuals being registered without their knowledge have been reported in recent years. You can check your affiliation status online or in person through the Electoral Service. If you find out that you are affiliated without your knowledge, you can file a complaint on the Servel website and resign from the corresponding political party.

With the upcoming Primary elections just around the corner, it is essential to ensure that your political affiliation is accurate to exercise your voting rights effectively. Stay informed and take the necessary steps to verify your party affiliation before heading to the polls this Sunday.

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Remember, your vote is your voice in shaping the future of your community and country. Make sure it is heard loud and clear by confirming your party affiliation ahead of the Primary elections.