Exciting News in the World of Dance: Noelia Marzol Ventures into Producing

In a thrilling new development, the talented dancer Noelia Marzol is stepping into the world of production with her latest show «Bloody Tango.» Following her standout performances in Bailando 2023, Marzol is teaming up with dance professionals Lourdes Sánchez and Jony Lazarte to bring this dream project to life on stage.

«Bloody Tango» is a passion project for Marzol, combining traditional and modern tango with elements of love, passion, and music. The show promises to deliver a unique blend of dance and music, with Marzol taking on the role of both producer and lead performer at the prestigious Teatro Politeama.

Joining Marzol on stage will be a talented ensemble cast including Lourdes Sanchez, Jony Lazarte, Juan Pablo Livrano, Luciana Francheli, Federico Paleo, Camila Pina, Iván Vivas, Delfina Rivas, Ulises García, and the singer Ana Devin. Under the direction of Maria Laura Catallini, known as «La Catta,» this stellar team is poised to deliver an unforgettable theatrical experience.

Expressing her excitement for the upcoming premiere, Marzol shared, «I am thrilled to bring ‘Bloody Tango’ to the stage. We have an incredible cast, and I can’t wait for audiences to experience the beauty and passion of tango through our modern interpretation. My goal is to spread the love for tango to new generations and eventually take this show to audiences around the world.»

Mark your calendars for the premiere of «Bloody Tango» on Tuesday, July 2nd at Teatro Politeama, located at Paraná 353. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness a mesmerizing blend of dance, music, and artistry brought to life by the talented team led by Noelia Marzol.