Animal Rescuer Wins 4 Million Soles in Lottery and Plans to Open a Shelter

A lucky animal rescuer has become the winner of the S/4 million jackpot from La Kábala, part of the Tinka lottery, and has expressed his desire to use part of his winnings to help homeless animals. The identity of the rescuer has been kept secret for security reasons.

The winner, who has been participating in the lottery for over eight years, shared his excitement about winning. «I have been playing for over eight years, and today I found out that I was the winner,» the rescuer stated to the lottery company.

The lucky winner revealed his unique superstition that led to his victory: he chose numbers based on his rescued cats. «I always chose the numbers of my rescued cats. I am a rescuer of cats,» he explained.

With the prize money in hand, the rescuer plans to make two significant investments that reflect his love and dedication to animals. Firstly, he intends to establish a shelter for street dogs and cats that are homeless. Additionally, he also plans to invest in a business, although he did not specify the type of venture he has in mind. «With the prize I have won, I plan to open an animal shelter that I have always dreamed of. And start a business,» the winner revealed.

In conclusion, the animal rescuer’s story serves as a heartwarming reminder of the impact of kindness and generosity towards animals in need. His plans to use his winnings to benefit homeless animals highlight the importance of compassion and care for our furry friends.