Jorge Fernández bids an emotional farewell on ‘La Ruleta de la Suerte’: «The best companion I could have»

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Last Thursday, Laure Moure and Jorge Fernández walked onto the set to announce that it was going to be a different day: «Usually, we high-five to say goodbye, but not today. Come here,» the host said.

Following this, the host of the show, in tears, explained that a colleague of theirs was retiring that day: «Today, a great colleague of ours is retiring (…) Beni is the seamstress at Antena 3, she has been with me for 18 years and has been the best companion I could have.»

«Thank you for everything. I have worked very comfortably with all of you and the team is magnificent. I am very happy to have worked on this show and I am leaving very happy. Life is worth living, there are bad things, but there are fantastic things,» Beni replied to Jorge.