Isabel Pantoja’s Concert Preparations Amid Controversy

In preparation for tonight’s concert in Almería, Isabel Pantoja’s team is already in the city, ensuring that everything is perfect for what promises to be a challenging night for the singer following recent revelations about her friendship with Mariló de la Rubia.

This morning, her niece Anabel arrived, looking cheerful as she claimed to be experiencing one of the happiest times of her life after announcing her pregnancy. However, she avoided making any statements about the rumored falling out between Mariló and her aunt.

At the moment, Anabel is already at the hotel where her aunt is staying, taking care of all the details. When asked about the recent interview given by Dulce on ‘¡De viernes!’ where she expressed her hatred towards Pantoja, Anabel remained silent.

Dulce, who used to be Isa Pantoja’s nanny, revealed that she is going through hell and has no desire to continue living because she has devoted herself wholeheartedly to a family she no longer belongs to. In response to these statements, Anabel chose not to comment.

Quickly entering the hotel, Anabel avoided sharing her thoughts on Dulce’s words and also on the recent comments made by her cousin Isa. Isa recently stated on ‘Vamos a ver’ that it would hurt her if her mother had a relationship with the baby expected by the influencer and not with her own son.

This situation adds to the tension surrounding Isabel Pantoja’s concert tonight, as the singer navigates through personal controversies.