Memphis Depay is in the final days of his contract with Atletico Madrid. The Dutch player’s contract expires on June 30th, after which he will be a free agent. Despite having the option to keep him for another season, Atletico decided not to due to his numerous physical problems over the past year and a half, as well as certain attitudes that led the club to let him go as a free agent.

Even though most people in the football world are familiar with Depay’s character and personality, his footballing abilities are still highly valued. In recent days, there have been two offers from Italian clubs for him. One of these potential suitors is Fiorentina, as reported by ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’. Inter Milan and AC Milan have also shown interest in him as a potential option.

Depay made 31 appearances for Atletico this season, scoring nine goals. His high salary of four million euros is not out of reach for Fiorentina, who are currently the most interested in signing him.

Amidst all this, Depay has found himself at the center of controversy during the Euro 2020 tournament. His decision to wear a headband similar to those worn by tennis players or basketball players to prevent sweat from getting in his eyes has sparked a national debate in the Netherlands. Many believe that this gesture reflects a self-centered attitude rather than a team-oriented one.

Various football personalities have weighed in on the debate, with some criticizing Depay for adding unnecessary pressure on himself with his choice of headband. However, there are also those who defend his right to express himself through his fashion choices.

The most notable mockery of Depay came from former German international Lukas Podolski, who posted a picture of a character from a holiday movie wearing a ridiculous headband with feathers. This post sparked a heated exchange of messages between Depay’s critics and supporters.

Overall, Depay’s future remains uncertain as he approaches the end of his contract with Atletico Madrid. His on-field performance and off-field controversies continue to make headlines, with Italian clubs showing interest in securing his services. As the transfer window approaches, it will be interesting to see where Depay ends up for the upcoming season.