Yahaira Plasencia Admits to Losing Humility: «I Got Dizzy, Half of Peru Was Calling Me Names»

In a revealing interview with Luis Cuto Guadalupe, Yahaira Plasencia acknowledged that at a certain point in her career, she «got dizzy with fame,» but she also mentioned that she had «half of Peru calling her names, from ‘P’ to the worst.» The topic arose when Yahaira asked Guadalupe why he said she «lacked humility.»

The former footballer stated that, at one point, the salsa singer had indeed lost her humility. «You have evolved; but certain things happened along the way. The ego is like that,» he told her. Yahaira Plasencia agreed with Cuto’s words and elaborated on the situation: «I also didn’t have a team telling me what to do. I got very dizzy, but I was also very defensive, with half of Peru calling me names. I didn’t know how to act.»

Cuto Guadalupe on Yahaira: «Mrs. Magaly Medina is the devil»

In the highly discussed interview with Yahaira Plasencia, Cuto Guadalupe took a swipe at journalist Magaly Medina. «That woman is the devil,» he stated on the ‘Conversando con la Yaha’ podcast.

Guadalupe appeared on the salsa singer’s YouTube show and referred to the journalist while discussing the scandal involving the mother of his child. «There is only one person who enjoys that (people’s misfortune), which is the devil, and that is Mrs. Magaly Medina, and deep down in her heart, she knows how it will end. Each one will have their moment,» Cuto Guadalupe expressed.

«Both the channel owners and their lackeys are accomplices to the harm. Each one will pay the consequences of their actions in due time,» the former Universitario footballer affirmed to Yahaira Plasencia.

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In conclusion, Yahaira Plasencia’s candid admission about losing humility in the face of fame sheds light on the challenges of navigating the entertainment industry. The revelations made during the interview with Cuto Guadalupe offer a glimpse into the pressures faced by public figures and the impact it can have on their behavior. It serves as a reminder that behind the glitz and glamour, there are real struggles that individuals in the spotlight grapple with.