Denisse González, a former participant of the reality show Gran Hermano (Telefe), has announced her decision to step back from the media in the future. During a live stream on Telefe’s All Access, Denisse, who is in a relationship with Bautista Mascia, shared her reasons for leaving the media industry, stating that she feels she has completed her cycle and is now looking to pursue other interests.

«I want to visit Uruguay, go on a trip, return to work, see if I can enroll in university for the second semester,» Denisse explained. When the host, Sol Rivas, jokingly asked if Denisse wanted to become a lawyer and her colleague, Denisse confidently replied with a «yes.»

It’s worth noting that Denisse entered the Gran Hermano house to symbolically marry Bautista Mascia in the final weeks of the show, but her future with the channel and the reality show remains uncertain.

On the other hand, Bautista Mascia expressed his love for Denisse González from Gran Hermano (Telefe) during a playful Q&A session. When asked if he was in love, Bautista candidly shared his feelings, revealing that he is in a stage of infatuation where he finds himself constantly thinking about Denisse.

«I’m clearly in a stage of infatuation where you start idealizing a person, you’re hooked, and you like them. It feels like the first stage of being ‘in love’,» Bautista explained. He also acknowledged that their relationship inside the Gran Hermano house was short, and they will need time to get to know each other better outside the show.

In addition to their personal stories, both Denisse and Bautista’s decisions to step back from the media and focus on their relationship provide insight into the challenges and opportunities that come with reality show fame. It’s common for participants to reevaluate their priorities and goals after the show ends, seeking new experiences and opportunities beyond the spotlight.

As Denisse plans to explore new avenues and Bautista navigates his feelings for her, their journeys post-Gran Hermano offer a glimpse into the complexities of relationships formed in a highly publicized environment. Whether they pursue their individual dreams or continue to support each other’s aspirations, their decisions reflect the ever-evolving nature of reality TV fame and personal growth.