Why Angélica Vale learned to read and write at the age of 12?

During a conversation with Isabel Lascurain, the soap opera actress shared some details about her education. Credit: @angelicavaleoriginal

Renowned actress Angélica Vale revealed in an interview with Isabel Lascurain the reason why she learned to read and write at the age of 12. Despite her parents being of Mexican origin, the reality is that they chose to enroll her in a French school, which limited her development in her native language.

According to the artist’s anecdote, Angélica María and Raúl Vale used to listen to her in everything, so most of her education was received in another language. «They put me in a French school, where I was very happy, I studied there until sixth grade,» she detailed.

Although she had no problems communicating in Spanish, Vale confessed that she couldn’t read in her native language because no one had taught her before, which posed a challenge when she had the opportunity to be part of «Grease.»

«Suddenly they sent me the script for ‘Grease’ and they tell me: read it, and I’m like: I don’t know how to read in Spanish,» she said with laughter.

According to the actress’s statements, the main problem was that her parents enrolled her in a school where French predominated one hundred percent, yet that did not hinder her from participating in the musical.

In 1989, Angélica María Vale Hartman had the opportunity to be part of the cast of the Mexican version of the musical «Grease,» which was produced by Julissa and featured the participation of several young talents of the time.

At that time, at just 13 years old, the comedian also played the character of «Chiquis,» similar to the character of Frenchy in the original version; a role that marked a before and after in her artistic career.

After the success of the musical, she sought to continue developing her career in the entertainment world, so she participated in various soap operas and television programs such as: «Papá soltero» and «Mujer, casos de la vida real.»

One of her most outstanding works was her role in the soap opera «La Fea Más Bella,» broadcast between 2006 and 2007, an adaptation of the successful Colombian soap opera «Yo soy Betty, la fea.»

Her character, Leticia Padilla Solís, portrayed a young intelligent and talented woman, with a high academic background in economics and finance, but with a physical appearance that did not fit conventional beauty standards.

Exploring themes such as self-esteem, personal value, and affective relationships, the plot of the melodrama closely follows the adventures of Lety, who tries to prove her professional worth and find a place in a world that judges her by her appearance.

It is worth noting that «La Fea Más Bella» was a great success in Mexico and several countries where it was broadcast, which significantly contributed to Angélica Vale’s fame as an actress.

After such an unforgettable character, she acted in the series «Héroes Anónimos» (2008) and the soap operas «Y mañana será otro día… mejor» and «Una familia con suerte.» Additionally, she had the opportunity to lend her voice to important animated films such as: «Una película de huevos,» «Coco,» «Frozen,» and «Valiente.»

On the other hand, she participated in the musical «Mentiras» in 2016, where she played Daniela, one of the main characters. Her appearance in this successful musical was well received and once again demonstrated her talent and versatility in musical theater.

Regarding her personal life, in 2012 she married Otto Padrón, with whom she had two children, Angélica Masiel, born on June 6, 2012, and Daniel Nicolás, born on August 11, 2014.