25 Years in a Blink of an Eye – Celebrating the Journey of La Opinión de Málaga

I vividly remember the birth of La Opinión de Málaga. As a devoted newspaper reader, the day I saw a copy of this newspaper at a kiosk stands out in my memory: it marked the opening of a new window into the current affairs of the province. It was a moment of celebration for those of us who love democracy and freedom, for all who love Málaga.

And in the blink of an eye, twenty-five years have passed. A quarter of a century filled with news, reports, articles, editorials, images, and columns. It must not have been easy to reflect the day-to-day life of a province as diverse, dynamic, multicultural, and sometimes frantic as ours, which requires an almost titanic effort.

The playwright Arthur Miller once said, «A good newspaper is a nation talking to itself.» Well, there is no doubt that La Opinión de Málaga is because it has been able to capture the reality in which we live from a different and seamless perspective. This is the result of the effort and perseverance of a great group of professionals dedicated to providing information to readers so that each of us can form our own point of view.

Professionals who have spent this time within the ranks of the newspaper and many others who have honed their craft and learned the art of communication from the ground up and through great masters.

I want to thank each and every one of them for their dedication to press freedom and truth, as without these, democracy, the Spain we are, cannot be understood.

From a more local perspective, the history of Mijas has been closely linked to that of La Opinión de Málaga. This newspaper has captured the most important events among its pages, serving as both a loudspeaker and an invaluable archive.

I am not only talking about political events, of which there have been many, but also cultural, social, economic, tourist, and sporting matters; Mijas has always had its own space within the pages of this newspaper, which has never forgotten that we are the heart of the Costa del Sol and the third most important municipality in the province.

Over this time, Mijas has experienced a before and after without losing its roots. Mijas Pueblo remains an example of an Andalusian white village, preserving its Mediterranean essence in white streets that have gradually modernized. While the Las Lagunas area has become an urban space full of shops, businesses, and families choosing to make it their home.

And, of course, La Cala, the quintessential fishing nucleus, has become a great expansion area through its developments and the great investment made by entrepreneurs to settle there.

The three nuclei complement each other, making Mijas a unique and ideal whole to live in.

But there is still much to be done for our municipality to be in the place it deserves and to be a reference at a national and international level. A town at the forefront, sustainable, friendly to its citizens, and a focus of attraction for investment and, therefore, job creation.

A space full of quality of life, possibilities, where residents decide what and how to do it. Our government team works tirelessly to achieve these goals and develop effective and transparent management.

Among the major projects are improving external and internal mobility by creating new roads and parking lots, building more sports facilities that are a model of modernity and excellence, and, of course, new spaces for culture, leisure, and commerce for the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs, not forgetting the major firms.

This also includes preserving the environment, effectively managing water resources, supporting the tourism sector, as it is our main economic driver, and decisively backing the business and social fabric.

I am absolutely convinced that La Opinión de Málaga will be our companion on this journey of challenges we face, as it always has been. And it will be for a long time, because these are just its first 25 years of life. There is much ahead, much to communicate, make us think, and feel. Congratulations!