The City Council of Mérida held a General Negotiation Board meeting on June 25th and unanimously approved a 2.5 percent salary increase for all municipal employees. This news was shared by the municipal delegate of Human Resources, Julio César Fuster, on Tuesday. He mentioned that this salary increase has already been included in the municipal budgets and is only awaiting publication.

In addition to the salary increase, the Public Employment Offer for 2024 was also approved during the meeting. This offer will include two positions for Local Police officers, one position for an administrative role, and one position for a photographer, all in the open shift, as explained by Julio César Fuster.

The decision to raise the salaries of public employees in Mérida is a positive step towards recognizing the hard work and dedication of these individuals. It reflects the commitment of the City Council to ensuring that its employees are fairly compensated for their efforts.

It is important to note that salary increases not only benefit the employees themselves but also have a positive impact on the local economy. When employees have more disposable income, they are likely to spend more in the community, which can help stimulate economic growth and support local businesses.

Furthermore, the approval of the Public Employment Offer for 2024 demonstrates the City Council’s commitment to filling essential roles within the municipality. By creating new job opportunities, the Council is not only providing employment opportunities for individuals but also strengthening the workforce of the city.

Overall, these decisions made during the General Negotiation Board meeting are a testament to the City Council’s dedication to supporting its employees and investing in the future of Mérida. It is a positive development that will have a lasting impact on both the employees and the community as a whole.