On the eve of the solemnity of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, last Friday, June 28, His Beatitude Cardinal Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, ordained four new priests from the Redemptoris Mater seminary of Galilee for the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. Roman Savluk, born in Ukraine, Rubén Cabrera Rosique from Spain, Kacper Jurczyk from Poland, and Giovanni Bovi from Italy will serve in the diocese of Jerusalem. The priest from Murcia, Rubén Cabrera, will serve in the northern Zarqa, located in Jordan. “I have come to embrace a deep love for Jesus Christ and his Church, tangibly lived within my Neocatechumenal Way community, with whom I have walked the path of faith. My mission now is to proclaim his love to the world,” explained the new Spanish priest during an interview with the Latin Patriarchate’s Communication Office.

Father Rubén, born in the municipality of Caravaca de la Cruz in Murcia in 1993, entered the Redemptoris Mater seminary of Galilee at the age of 19 and has just been ordained at the age of 28. The ordination ceremony was a significant and moving event, filled with prayers, blessings, and the solemn commitment of the new priests to their calling.

The ordination of these four new priests is a momentous occasion for the diocese of Jerusalem. It marks the beginning of their journey as spiritual leaders, guiding and serving the faithful in their communities. Each priest brings a unique background and perspective to their ministry, enriching the spiritual tapestry of the diocese.

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem plays a crucial role in preserving the Christian heritage and traditions in the Holy Land. The ordination of new priests ensures the continuation of this vital mission, providing pastoral care and spiritual guidance to the local Christian community.

As they embark on this new chapter of their lives, the four new priests will face challenges and opportunities in equal measure. They will be called to minister to the spiritual needs of their congregations, offer comfort and support in times of hardship, and spread the message of love and hope to all they encounter.

The ordination ceremony is not just a celebration of the individual priests but a reaffirmation of the enduring presence of the Church in the Holy Land. It is a testament to the faith and dedication of those who have answered the call to serve God and his people, and a reminder of the profound impact that a priest can have on the lives of those they touch.

As the new priests begin their ministries, they carry with them the prayers and hopes of their communities. They are entrusted with the sacred task of shepherding the faithful, bringing them closer to God and nurturing their spiritual growth. In their hands lies the future of the Church in Jerusalem, a future filled with promise and possibility.