Apple Rumored to Launch Smart Home Robots

Apple is rumored to be working on the launch of intelligent home robots. The smart robot from Apple would be capable of performing household activities such as tidying up the house, cleaning dishes, or controlling the home.

Apple may be working on a completely revolutionary new project: manufacturing a smart robot with artificial intelligence that can decipher how to move and act around homes. For some time now, humanoid robots have been increasingly present and now seem closer to becoming a reality and part of our daily lives. Major technology brands or companies have already launched their own robots, such as Boston Dynamics with its Atlas robot and Tesla. Similarly, companies like Mercedes, Amazon, and BMW are already testing or planning to test robots for industrial use. However, the operation of these robots has only been shown in completely controlled environments, leaving the possibility of acquiring one for household tasks still very distant.

Now, everything may change. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the journalist who is in charge of communicating exclusive Apple news, has shared that Apple’s robotics projects are under the supervision of former Google employee John Giannandrea, who has been in charge of Siri and the Apple Car for some time. And, according to Gurman’s information, Apple’s humanoid robot is getting closer, within a decade.

What would Apple’s new robot be like? Apple has not shared much insight into what its new humanoid robot launch could be. However, the few details that have emerged reveal that Apple’s ideas about robots align with the trends of known robots so far.

For example, there is the recent concept of Samsung’s Bot Handy, which is presented as a vacuum robot with a stem at the top and a single arm that aims to perform tasks such as picking up dirt from the home or organizing dishes. Similarly, there is LG’s home control robot, the Q9 «AI Agent,» which is designed to actions like guessing your mood and playing music based on how you feel that day.

Considering these existing robots, it is still expected to be several years before Apple or any other company can offer an ideal robot to coexist in homes and help people with their daily tasks without any worries. Similarly, it is expected that Apple will soon share some news or information about what could be its next big innovation.