How to Prevent Phishing and New Cryptocurrency Attacks

Phishing scams deceive users into disclosing confidential information, downloading malware, and exposing themselves and their organizations to cybercrime.

To discuss the cases of attacks on cryptocurrencies, Canal E contacted specialist Daiana Banegas, who revealed that while the platform and the currency have not been hacked, a list of emails from a mailing service provider used by companies in the crypto ecosystem was leaked.

Preventing Possible Scams

According to the interviewee, this leak included emails of executives and some of their clients, raising alerts about possible scams, such as phishing attacks. «It is important to be vigilant of communications that promise gains from using a platform or service because, in reality, none of these companies engage in such practices; they aim to deceive and turn people into victims,» she added.

How Cybercriminals Operate and Carry Out Attacks

Regarding the actions of cybercriminals, Banegas pointed out that the most powerful tool of criminals is not a wallet, a smart contract, a quantum computer, or a chat, but «human error.» She continued, «The most common form of fraud is through emails with deceptive links requesting passwords, or mimicking Bitcoin or crypto wallets to obtain private keys.»

The Goal: The Keys

Continuing with the topic, the specialist stated, «none of these platforms ask for private keys,» and just like the security principles known in the use of bank cards, such as not sharing sensitive data or security numbers, «they must also be applied to this industry.»

In that sense, Banegas stressed that one must be aware that, even though the requests may seem different, the goal is the same: «to access our keys.»

To conclude, regarding the impact of these attacks and the repercussion they had, the specialist said, «Internationally, it undoubtedly has an impact because Bitcoin was born in response to international conflicts, and communicating publicly and transparently about events that affect the economy is essential for the company.»