El Pi Urges Voters to Make Europe «Get Involved in the Islands»

In a final push before the upcoming European elections, El Pi is calling on voters to support their campaign for Europe to take action for the Balearic Islands. Jordi Prunés, the candidate for the European Parliament, emphasized that other parties will overlook the issues of overpopulation, saturation, and lack of housing once they join their national and European groups. Prunés stated that he will strive to ensure that «the demands of the islands are heard and addressed. We do believe in Europe,» he concluded.

Prunés highlighted the importance of advocating for the islands within the European context and vowed to be a voice for Mallorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands in the European Parliament. With a focus on key issues impacting the region, El Pi aims to bring attention to the unique challenges faced by the islands and work towards finding sustainable solutions within the European framework.

As the European elections draw near, the spotlight is on El Pi’s campaign and their commitment to representing the interests of the Balearic Islands on the European stage. With a clear message of solidarity and support for the islands, El Pi is positioning itself as a strong advocate for Mallorca and the wider region within the European Union.

In conclusion, El Pi’s call for voters to prioritize the islands’ needs in the European elections underscores the significance of local representation in the broader European context. With a focus on addressing pressing issues facing the Balearic Islands, El Pi is championing the cause for greater recognition and support from Europe. As voters prepare to cast their ballots, the outcome of the European elections holds potential implications for the future of the islands and their place within the European Union.