New Campaign Launched in San Vicente with €500,000 in Vouchers

Monday, June 10, 2024, 16:22

The San Vicente City Council has committed to allocating half a million euros to launch a new campaign of vouchers in the municipality starting this week. The initiative, presented by Mayor Pachi Pascual, will begin tomorrow, Tuesday, June 11, with the opening of the application period for interested consumers.

Pascual has announced that «these 500,000 euros will have an impact of over a million euros on the businesses and hospitality establishments in the municipality, which will provide a significant boost in beneficial consumption for the reactivation of small businesses and SMEs, and to help San Vicente families cover their day-to-day expenses.»

The mayor explained that to ensure that all citizens can participate in the vouchers, «the City Council has organized a special assistance service to receive, starting tomorrow until June 14, all those people who need guidance in the open procedure, a service specifically aimed at overcoming the digital divide we encounter mainly among those over 60 years old.» Other users can request the discount on their purchases through the City Council’s website between June 11 and July 3.

Each beneficiary can spend up to 80 euros, distributed in 4 vouchers of 20 euros, from June 19 to July 7 at participating establishments in the current voucher campaign. To be discounted, a minimum consumption of at least double the value of the purchase must be made, as established in the guidelines prepared by the Commerce Department.

This was confirmed by Councilor Óscar Lillo, who participated in the voucher presentation alongside Commerce Councilor Vicente Pastor and the president of the Association of shopkeepers of San Vicente del Raspeig and the region, Ignacio Berenguer.

Lillo recalled that, on this occasion, each establishment will have a spending limit calculated based on the data from the previous campaigns and the distribution of municipal funds among the five participating sectors, which are fashion and accessories, food, home, personal services, and hospitality. The councilor announced that for future campaigns, an effort will be made to maintain a fair distribution by applying new criteria.

Representing the business owners, Berenguer thanked the initiative launched by the City Council «which, with a return on investment close to a million euros, gives an idea of the significant impact it can have on the development of the local economy.» He also expressed support for new lines of action in local establishments, an idea that was supported by the mayor, who announced the municipality’s participation in another voucher campaign funded by the County Council that will be launched in the second half of the year.

Requirements and Deadlines

Beneficiaries of the vouchers must be adults registered in San Vicente del Raspeig. Citizens over 60 years old or with difficulties accessing digital procedures will be assisted from June 11 to 14 between 9 am and 2 pm, by appointment through the telephone numbers 670751131 and 663690444. Those scheduled must attend the exhibition hall on the ground floor of the Town Hall with their ID card or NIE.

Other citizens with an electronic certificate can carry out the procedures on the City Council’s electronic headquarters between June 11 and July 3 and will subsequently receive an email with the allocated vouchers, which they can spend from June 19 to July 7.

Collaborating establishments can request payment for the discounted vouchers from June 8 to July 21, 2024. For more information, the Commerce Department has provided consumers with the email address and the telephone number 965675065, extension 2243.